6th edition of the European Association Summi...
6th edition of the European Association Summit

Just one month to go

c visit.bruessels

The big annual meeting for professionals from the association sector, which will take place on 8 and 9 March 2018 at the Square, will present the latest trends concerning international associations. This year, two more associations – ICCA and PCMA – will be joining the event. Organised in Brussels for the last 6 years by visit.brussels, the European Association Summit
is the annual not-for-profit trade show created by associations for associations. Experts from
the international association sector and professionals from different professional fields meet
each year to share their experiences and learn from those of their peers. Over time, the
conference has proved the essential role it plays for association representatives from around
the world. Thanks to the participation of more than 150 association representatives from every
continent, the goal of the European Association Summit is to train associations in managing and strengthening their networks, establish a real forum on the challenges that the sector and society face, be an incubator for ideas and act as a springboard for projects by international
associations and highlight the diversity and richness of a constantly evolving sector.The conference is supplemented by new international partnerships with the participation of
the ICCA and the PCMA. “These new key global partnerships show the strength of the event as an unmissable platform for ongoing training for the sector, and of Brussels as the capital of international
associations,” said Patrick Bontinck, CEO of visit.brussels, the organiser of the event.