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Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

One-Stop Virtual Solution

Photo: KLCC

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) is geared up for 2021 with its extensive One-Stop Virtual Solution in its endeavour to keep businesses connected with its community and the wider world, in the new global business environment. This latest solution encompasses brand new studios that are fitted with production-grade audio and visual equipment combined with 400 Megabit of Internet bandwidth, two separate power supplies, a dedicated network backbone and a qualified team of technical experts to advise and deliver any virtual and hybrid event needs, ranging from set or event production and technical design to live broadcast and streams.

“The past year, we have been concentrating our efforts in upping our infrastructural and solution offerings to meet the new demands in our current market landscape and we are committed to serving our clients with an open and flexible mind-set, to deliver mutual success and a memorable experience to delegates and event attendees,” General Manager of the Centre, Alan Pryor, said. “Hosting a digital event, whether conference, exhibition or corporate function, is very different to a physical event and we at the Centre are here to make that transition as smooth as possible for our clients and their delegates.”
„Hosting a digital event, whether conference, exhibition or corporate function, is very different to a physical event.“
Alan Pryor, General Manager of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

As part of the One-Stop Virtual Solution, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre offers a highly interactive and immersive virtual platform that integrates live streams and existing video hosting tools, including Zoom, YouTube and Vimeo, and is equipped with a globally recognised systematic registration for attendees. For specific needs, depending on the event and client requirement, the KLCC also offers tailor-made solutions for any digital event setup including a Command Centre. The Hybrid Studio packages start from RM23,200 nett per day (4.702 euros),  the Virtual Studio packages are for a minimum of 4 hours at RM9,280 (1.881 euros).

“We selected the Centre for our virtual 2021 Budget Seminar because of its world-class reputation that complements our organisation and its quality assurance”, said President of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Farah bt Fosley. “The delivery of our first virtual event was impressive. The Centre’s one-stop service made it easy and smooth for us to focus on the seminar’s content. The excellent broadband of the Centre means that the live-streaming was seamless without any buffer or lag. Our participants thoroughly enjoyed the e-seminar.”