License not extended : Dreamhack Leipzig come...
License not extended

Dreamhack Leipzig comes to an end

© Leipziger Messe / Tom Schulze

The plug has been pulled on the event for the gaming community after six years. Since 2016, Leipziger Messe has hosted Dreamhack Leipzig together with its partner Schenker Technologies/XMG – a success story and another offering for the gaming scene after the end of the Games Convention.

„This is just the beginning. “
The figures say it all: in 2020 a total of 23,300 visitors and more than 2,000 players celebrated and contributed to Germany's biggest LAN party. That this journey has now come to an end is due to the Swedish license holder Dreamhack. It is not renewing its contract with Leipziger Messe. There will therefore be no further edition of Dreamhack Leipzig under the management of Leipziger Messe and Schenker Technologies/XMG.

Their promise: "We will do everything we can to bring gaming back to our exhibition halls. Here's to hopefully gaming again in Leipzig soon!" XMG tweeted: "This is just the beginning." Hashtag: #gamenotover.