Mack-Brooks Exhibitions rebrands show : Faste...
Mack-Brooks Exhibitions rebrands show

Fastener Fair Stuttgart becomes Fastener Fair Global

Photo: Mack-Brooks

A new name: organiser Mack-Brooks Exhibitions has rebranded Fastener Fair Stuttgart to Fastener Fair Global to reflect more fully the international character of the exhibition, thus making the German show the flagship event of the Fastener Fair series. Fastener Fair Global, the International Exhibition for the Fastener and Fixing Industry is scheduled to take place from March 21 to 23, 2023, at Messe Stuttgart, Germany.

„We thought it was time to adapt the logo to a new digital era. “
Liljana Goszdziewski, Mack-Brooks Exhibitions
With the rebranding comes a restyled show website. Hand in hand with the name change, the logo has also been updated. "With the new brand, we wanted to get away from a late 1990's design by refreshing its style with a more modern look. Over the years, the fastener and fixing industry has consolidated industry 4.0 into manufacturing processes and across different supply chain stages, including automation, advanced robotics, augmented reality and big data. Now we thought it was time to adapt the logo to a new digital era, as the old logo did also not fit the purpose of preserving consistency between traditional and digital advertising", says Liljana Goszdziewski, portfolio director of the European Fastener Fairs on behalf of the organiser Mack-Brooks Exhibitions.