Market Study on Subventions in Event Industry...
Market Study on Subventions in Event Industry

Post-Pandemic Subventions More Cashbased

The conference matchmaking platform Conferli conducted a market study on the state of subvention post pandemic. The results show, that the role of convention bureaus in behalf of destinations is overall changing. Hence, 16% of participants stated, that they becoming more knowledge partner / consultants, when they were ´aquisition partners´ before. 25% decided to sharpen their focus on local suppliers and 11% want to focus the next one to two years only domestic-wise. Therefore, destinations have also considered new strategies to support event organizers and to acquire new event for their region.
„We need to be flexible, transparent and adaptable in our contractual policies and to consider the physical flexibility within venues. We have to help our clients to build confidence in their potential audiences, to make delegates feel safe to travel again and be welcomed visitors to our city.“
Geneva Convention Bureau, statement in the report

In the far majority (83%) of responses, to be eligible for the “Post-pandemic” subvention, the event needs to be booked in 2021 or 2022. Furthermore in most cases it needs to be a minimum overnight stay of 1 night and at least 50 delegates. In 90% a direct cash subsidy is given to the organization, in 10% of the cases this is done by a sponsored reception or venue. This development also shows a huge change compared to “pre-pandemic” where only 40% of the destinations that offered subvention also offered a direct subsidy.

The study was limited to European destinations. Around 80 convention bureaus participated. The types of subventions were distinguished into cashbased subventions and In-kind subventions, which includes indirect support like discounts on venues or accomodations. The complete report is available at the website of Conferli.
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