MCH Group: Improved results for 2021
MCH Group

Improved results for 2021

Photo: MCH Group

Compared with 2020, the MCH Group, Basel, can present an improved year-end statement for 2021. Nevertheless, the company has to settle for an annual loss of 17.3 million CHF.The loss is therefore substantially less than in 2020 when it was 72.2 million CHF.With an operating income of 243.3 million CHF, the results of the prior year (188 million CHF) were substantially exceeded despite the continuing pandemic.

The operative earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) were actually positive at 8.5 million CHF (2020: -45.1 million CHF) – due to financial special effects connected with the pandemic and the sale of a property. Art Basel and Art Basel in Miami in the second half-year of 2021, in particular, were responsible for business of the MCH Group picking up again.
„We have developed numerous initiatives to anticipate the major changes.“
Beat Zwahlen, CEO MCH Group
Group CEO Beat Zwahlen has a positive view of the current year. After a difficult first quarter still affected by the pandemic, the exhibition and event business will pick up further. However, it will not be possible to fully offset the declines in the first quarter and necessary investments in strategy implementation. For fiscal year 2022, the management is assuming that, while it will be better than 2021, it will still close negatively. Zwahlen emphasises: "We have developed numerous initiatives to anticipate the major changes in our markets and embrace the trends towards a more differentiated marketing mix with new experience formats and the integration of digital technologies."