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MCH Group

Strengthening Basle as an exhibition location with new formats

Photo: Courtney Cook on Unsplash

MCH Group is launching new events for spring 2023 at its home base in Basle, specifically to strengthen it as a location. During the "Sustainability Days", everything will revolve around a sustainable future for the economy, society and the environment in four parallel conference and exhibition formats. With Spring Basel, a major public festival is re-initiated.

With this move, MCH Group is revitalising the Basle event calendar. "We are focusing on both the development of existing formats and the creation of new ones in order to take account of the different markets and needs. With the Sustainability Days, for example, we are expanding what we started with the SmartSuisse strategy congress and now offer different, parallel formats for the individual target groups and players", says Roman Imgrüth, managing director Swiss Events.
„We are focusing on the development of existing formats and the creation of new ones.“
Roman Imgrüth, managing director Swiss events, MCH Group
With Spring Basel, MCH Group is launching a new public exhibition. "With Spring Basel, we have reinterpreted the public exhibition format and given it a contemporary concept. Because we are convinced that Basle needs a public exhibition again that brings together the various players in the city on the one hand and promotes the regional and local economy on the other", says Roman Imgrüth.

Florian Faber, CEO-designate of MCH Group, says: "I am delighted that we are able to present new exhibition formats for our home region of Basle today, and Spring Basel is a festival for the general public. Our staff have worked with impressive dedication and passion to make these projects a reality".