The digital transformation of a 125 year’s ol...
The digital transformation of a 125 year’s old institute

MCI launched a new eCommunity to connect global audiences

Foto: MCI

MCI UK has developed and launched a dedicated online global community as part of the digital transformation strategy for an international association client. As an advisory partner, MCI implements engagement strategies like this to future-proof organisations and help them retain relevancy with their audiences. MCI UK, the AM&C of The Chartered Governance Institute, was asked to develop and deliver an inaugural international conference. As a Federation of 9 national ‘divisions’ representing over 29,000 corporate governance professionals worldwide, CGI wanted to attract a global audience to a conference on topics of global corporate governance issues, to be held in destinations around the world on a global cycle.

MCI's solution was a strategic approach to optimising the development of a managed online community to bring together a disparate membership operating very much in their own national territories. The online community would provide an important engagement tool to enable CGI members around the world to collaborate together in an online space, a mechanism for substantiating interest in a global conference, a secure online environment to engage and build relationships with the wider global corporate governance community, drive interest in CGI and future-proof the organisation. MCI UK’s team designed and developed the digital brand identity for the Institute, which encompassed the launch of a new global website with an integrated eCommunity. The eCommunity is not only driving interest in the potential for a live Conference, with content-driven by community members and the data required for important analytics to substantiate demand, but is also proving invaluable as a member recruitment and retention tool.

Damian Clarke, Director of Digital and Online Media, MCI UK said, “In the fallout of a global pandemic, organisations need to rethink their business strategy while still connecting and engaging empathically with clients, members, sponsors, and partners. To navigate this new reality, we need to look beyond and move engagement from physical to digital. This requires us to reinvent, redesign and future-proof how we meaningfully connect with audiences.”