Messe Dortmund: Festival for e-cigarettes, li...
Messe Dortmund

Festival for e-cigarettes, liquids, CBD and more

Photo: Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

They do not call it an exhibition but a festival. The topic is not smoking but everything relating to vaping: Messe Dortmund is launching the EVO NXT Festival, covering the world of next generation products (NGP), that is, e-cigarettes, liquids, aromas, heat-not-burn, smokeless tobacco and all accoutrements and accessories.

On March 10 and 11, 2023, the new event format will debut in Malaga, in the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos (FYCMA). In four zones, guests will be able to communicate on trends and innovations in the sector and be inspired by a blend of elevator pitches, key notes, best practices and workshops. The festival is rounded off by a colourful mixture of VIPs, entertainment and a wide range of music. The company from Westphalia is providing a unique offering to the young industry on the Costa del Sol: Business casual with oodles of entertainment.
„NGPs have long ceased to be a niche phenomenon.“
Sabine Loos, managing director of Messe Dortmund
The team from Messe Dortmund wants to get ahead of developments in the sector with its new event. "The majority of NGPs are aimed at a young, hip, fashion-conscious and health-conscious audiences that are also avid consumers. Accordingly, NGPs have long ceased to be a niche phenomenon on the outer edges of the tobacco industry," said Sabine Loos, managing director of Messe Dortmund. She knows what she is talking about because Messe Dortmund organises Intertabac, the world's largest exhibition for tobacco products and smoking accessories. EVO NXT is aimed at international manufacturers and traders, but also at buyers, market researchers, marketing experts, agencies and multipliers of the products mentioned.

Hall 2 of the FYCMA provides on 6000 square metres enough space for the four zones of the festivals: the 'E-Zone' for e-cigarettes, the 'Heat Zone' for heat-not-burn products, the 'Green Zone' for CBD products and the 'Like X-Zone' for products such as pastilles and snus. In addition to international manufacturers of tobacco lifestyle products, suppliers from upstream production, such as producers of sustainable raw materials or climate-friendly packaging material, will also be presenting here.