Messe Frankfurt : Almost ideal mixed ventilat...
Messe Frankfurt

Almost ideal mixed ventilation

Photo: Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt had the air quality at the exhibitions Indoor-Air, Formnext and Food Ingredients (Fi) Europe, all held in the second half of 2021, analysed as part of a study.

The study was conducted by a team of researchers from the Institute of Building and Indoor Climate Technology, E.ON Energy Research Centre, RWTH Aachen and Heinz Trox Wissenschaft. It looked into the level of contamination of the room air in typical trade fair halls and whether the air quality constituted a hygiene risk. The result: It does not. The air quality in trade fair halls is safe. The reasons for conducting the study: the Coronavirus.
„The mix of air is virtually ideal. “
Uwe Behm, member of the executive board, Messe Frankfurt
As Uwe Behm, member of the executive board of Messe Frankfurt, explained: "These new study results show that there was good air circulation in all of the halls under examination and at all three events, without any recognisable pockets of uncirculated air. The concentrations of CO2 at the individual measurement points varied only very marginally from those in the exhaust ducts, meaning that the mix of air is virtually ideal."

The measurements were taken in the supply air and exhaust ducts of the ventilation systems and with an additional 22 sensors in continuous operation during the events. These were positioned at visitor head height on columns, near aisles and stands, and in areas adjacent to the halls. The concentration of CO2 was taken as an indicator for the contamination of indoor air. This is because aerosols – which have been a key indicator in the pandemic and can be potentially infected with viruses – are emitted through breathing in the same way as CO2. The aim should be not to exceed a CO2 level of 1,000 ppm (parts per million). CO2 concentrations above 2,000 ppm are considered hygienically unacceptable.

All CO2 concentrations measured were consistently well under 1,000 ppm – in some cases, they were just over 400 ppm, which is almost on a par with outdoor air quality. The conclusion drawn by Messe Frankfurt: With supplementary protection and hygiene measures, exhibitions can be held safely even during a pandemic.