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Messe München

Positive result for 2022 expected

Photo: Messe München

Sobering. That was the brief comment issued by the new CEOs of Messe München, Stefan Rummel and Reinhard Pfeiffer, on the 2021 annual financial statement. Like in 2020, it was disappointing.

Messe München GmbH generated sales of EUR 127.2 million (2020: EUR 93.6 million), sales generated by the group were EUR 158.1 million. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) for Messe München GmbH totalled EUR -33 million for 2021. But this year should see an end to negative results. Pfeiffer and Rummel together declare: "Our goal is therefore to close 2022 with a clearly positive EBITDA."
„Our goal is to close 2022 with a clearly positive EBITDA.“
Stefan Rummel and Reinhard Pfeiffer, CEOs, Messe München
Their reasons to be confident: The unprecedented density of events in the calendar. The dual leadership of Messe München, Reinhard Pfeiffer and Stefan Rummel, sees profitable growth in the expansion of the core business: "The focus will be on organic growth. Digitalbau in Cologne, or the IE expo's four Ifat trade fairs in China showed that that can be achieved." Digital solutions and processes are seen as important extensions of that and will therefore be expanded.

In future, the greater emphasis will again be on the customer journey, that is, optimising the journey of a prospective customer from the first contact until way beyond their first trade fair visit, and providing the best possible support for their business on the trade fair's platforms, Pfeiffer and Rummel explain. International business is to remain the driving force of Messe München, even though the current world situation is impacting its international focus. For example, the company has withdrawn from the Russian market and ceased operations there. Business in China has currently stalled, but as a very promising growth region, the People's Republic will continue to be a focus country of Messe München. For both CEOs, it will remain essential to be established in the world's most important growth markets: "This is the only way we can leverage the strength of our internationally oriented trade fair clusters and solidify the status of our leading trade fairs in Munich."