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MICE Sustainability & Technology Network

Global initiative launched

Photo: MICE Sustainability & Technology Network

A new initiative for "MICE professionals who know that sustainability and technology are actionable priorities in the present" has been launched: MICE Sustainability & Technology Network (MST).

The network is powered by MICE Showcase, Exhibition Showcase & Association Buzz publications. The community aims to work on "the pending need for coming together and reflecting on two of the most critical issues that will drive the future of MICE industry i.e. Sustainability & Technology", it states.

The network aims to offer monthly online seminars in which best practices from industry peers is shared, thus raising important queries and working towards actionable solutions for sustainability and technology. "By coming together and working jointly, MST Network will also work towards developing presentations and case studies that will guide and drive the stakeholders and industry professionals at large", the initiators state. Onboarding has started, the first year of membership is free of charge.