Monaco Women Forum: 5th Edition in Chamber of...
Monaco Women Forum

5th Edition in Chamber of National Council

Foto: Monaco Women Forum

The 5th édition of the MWF will be held on 3rd May 2022 within the Chamber of the National Council of Monaco, a great premiere on the invitation from its president Mr. Stephane Valeri.

The world is rebounding from the pandemic with a determination to build back better, “green economy” has become a topic of growing discussion in light of the environmental and sanitary crisis. During this Forum, following a video introduction by Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, prominent speakers will debate from different angles some aspects of the green transition towards a carbon-neutral economy and society for a better World.

Two major aspects will be discussed in the presence of Michelle Mitchell, an American filmmaker, journalist, and author best known for her on-camera reporting for PBS and CNN headlines news. Pr. Diana Harper from Michigan university, and Dct. Nada Raddaoui, senior researcher for Cancer in Chemistry dep in Munich will discuss the scientific research for health as wellness and equity factor further Covid 19.

Pr. Giovanni Tinetti, European Space Agency and Dct. Iolanda Osvarth, Atomic Energy Agency will elaborate on the topic “Technologic research for Green transition”. Here, they will highlight the impacts of the Green transition on socio-economic sectors, like health, food, environment, water resources and industry, and nuclear security. Dr. Nathalie Hilmi expert in Macroeconomics and International Finance will bring to the debate her expertise as an environmental economics specialist.

The MWF was created in 2012 by Cinzia Sgambati-Colman with the Monte Carlo Woman of the year award, sponsored by Walgreens Boots Alliance