More digital capabilities: Emerald acquires P...
More digital capabilities

Emerald acquires PlumRiver

Emerald Holding, Inc. has acquired PlumRiver, a leading international provider of software-as-a-service technology, through its Elastic Suite solution. Elastic Suite's platform streamlines the wholesale buying process for both brands and retail buyers, creating a digital year-round transactional platform for use by Emerald's customers. The acquisition aims to accelerate Emerald's strategy to provide 365-day-per-year engagement for its customer base regardless of location by expanding its digital commerce capabilities. PlumRiver, which was founded in 2002, is integrated with preeminent manufacturers and retailers across numerous industries, most notably in the outdoor, surf, cycling, footwear and sporting goods verticals, and will complement Emerald's portfolio of show brands including Outdoor Retailer and Surf Expo, among others.

Brian Field, Emerald's chief operating officer, said, "Over the course of 2020, we launched many digital product offerings focused on customer engagement, new customer acquisition, and delivering high-value customer solutions. From our customers' feedback, the highest-value of these needs is clearly centred on the transaction between buyer and seller. Through our acquisition of PlumRiver and the Elastic platform, we now have the capability to offer a full spectrum of bundled solutions to our customers – from product discovery, lead-generation, to transaction – across both in-person, face-to-face events as well as year-round, digital opportunities."