UFI strengthens its commitment to sustainable...
UFI strengthens its commitment to sustainable development

New guiding mission statement

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As the issue of sustainable development continues to gain momentum worldwide, it has become increasingly important for businesses and industries to play their part in contributing to the global Sustainable Development Goals. To support this, UFI is pleased to announce a new range of assets, initiatives and activities to support and guide the sustainable development efforts of UFI members and the exhibition industry globally. These were presented to members at the 86th UFI Global Congress in Bangkok.

UFI has been active on sustainable development issues since 2008 and is further strengthening its focus and commitment to sustainability with the launch of assets and activities over the coming 12 months in all the areas of activities of the association: From education to research, from advocacy to events. All activities are aimed at empowering UFI members to drive and develop their own initiatives and actions. “Making our industry sustainable in all aspects of the word is vital to not only our future but it is a moral obligation to the sustainability of our planet too”, says Mary Larkin, President Diversified Communications USA and UFI’s President.

These will be aligned under a new guiding mission statement on sustainable development: “UFI represents and serves an industry built on connecting markets and fostering trade for the greater good - an industry built on sustainable development principles. As such, UFI is committed to driving and supporting sustainable development among our global membership and the exhibition industry at large.In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, UFI has integrated sustainable development initiatives in all of our activities - from events to education, from research to advocacy.Our engagement in providing tangible solutions for sustainable development makes UFI a trusted and viable partner for governments, markets and non-profits.”