New strategy and branding: IFEMA Madrid revea...
New strategy and branding

IFEMA Madrid reveals identity

Photo: IFEMA Madrid

Taking a step forward in the transformation process, IFEMA Madrid has launched its new strategy and revealed its new corporate identity. The plans include digital platforms and services and the hybridisation of its fairs adding 30% to current turnover over the next three years, adding more than 40 million euros in revenue. According to the president of the IFEMA Madrid Executive Committee, Jose Vicente de los Mozos, "today, no one questions the potential of digital and hybrid gatherings, which are giving way to smarter, more competitive and profitable events. They have come to satisfy a society that is changing, which, for IFEMA Madrid, means a twofold challenge: to revolutionise its business model and to lead not only in Spain but also in international markets". In terms of turnover, this growth from the digital space could reach an annual contribution of around 40 million euros, IFEMA estimates.

This new momentum has coincided with a change in corporate identity, through the design and conception of a new brand that represents the values of this powerful project for the future. To this end, IFEMA Madrid has committed to a thorough renovation of its image, recognising the legacy of a brand that has been part of Madrid's history and landscape over the last 30 years. "Feel the inspiration" is the new claim, the new image was produced by Brandfor agency.
„IFEMA's magic lies in its ability to connect ideas and people.“
Eduardo López-Puertas, CEO IFEMA Madrid
According to IFEMA Madrid's CEO, Eduardo López-Puertas, "IFEMA's magic lies in its ability to connect ideas and people. To generate ecosystems for innovation and development. To harmonise the intelligence, ingenuity and creativity of so many companies, people and sectors that share their talent and knowledge. A magic that we have undoubtedly embodied in the new IFEMA Madrid brand, announcing to the world our ability to continue inspiring companies and being a source of transformation".