New venue at Paris La Défense: Viparis reveal...
New venue at Paris La Défense

Viparis reveals plans

Photo: François Schuiten

Pablo Nakhlé Cerruti, CEO of Viparis, and François Schuiten, illustrator, decorator and designer of CNIT Forest, have revealed many features of Viparis's newest venue, which is planned to open in 2022 at Paris La Défense. The event spaces used by Viparis at the CNIT – the iconic La Défense exhibition centre built in 1958 – have been closed since 2015 due to works on the new Eole regional train station. As of 2022, an entirely refurbished CNIT will open its doors to the public.

CNIT Forest features 20,000 m2 of modular spaces across four levels. These include two amphitheatres with 740 and 1,175 seats, having respectively, 24 meetings rooms and two multi-purpose spaces (2,186 and 2,859 m2), each of which can accommodate two simultaneous events. The main hall can welcome up to 800 guests in a drinks reception configuration. The site is fully accessible for persons with reduced mobility and scheduled to open in September 2022.
The Details
CNIT Forest will offer high-density Wi-Fi. The amphitheatres will be equipped with ultra-quiet 4K video projectors, an immersive sound system, integrated lighting effects and a remote-controlled PTZ camera and encoder for video capture and streaming. The conference rooms will be equipped with 4K LED screens with Clickshare-type wireless connections, an integrated sound system with wireless microphones, connected desks and a video conferencing and streaming system.
Particular attention has been paid to the choice of materials, with preference given to natural and recycled, bio-based products, either near-sourced or procured from responsible supply chains. LED lighting will keep energy consumption low, as will a system for regulating lighting levels. The CNIT's legacy facilities will be preserved, repurposed and occasionally improved. To stay abreast of technological developments and promote a sharing economy, Viparis will lease certain equipment instead of purchasing it. Lastly, plants selected for the patio and the green walls will be in keeping with both the site's constraints and climate considerations.