Shenyang New World EXPO: Northeast China’s pr...
Shenyang New World EXPO

Northeast China’s premier EXPO begins second year of operations

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The Shenyang New World EXPO in Liaoning province’s capital city of Shenyang will cross over into its second year of operations March 1st. The inaugural second year event will be the 20th China Northeast International Dental Equipment & Affiliated Facilities Exhibition Symposium on Oral Health to be held March 16th to 19th, organized by Liaoning North Exhibition Co., Ltd. The major exhibition to follow March 23rd to 25th, the 2018 Northeast China AD Exhibition & 25th Liaoning AD/Sign/LED Lighting Expo, is scheduled to utilize all of EXPO’s rental space totalling 28,000 square meters (sqm), organized by Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Diane Chen,  EXPO’s General Manager said: “The success of EXPO’s initial exhibitions during the first year and the interest created by the exhibitors and visitors alike ensure the ongoing potential of EXPO’s future exhibition business. Additionally, regional and national conferences are finding the venue most attractive. Its central business district location, direct link to the city’s METRO underground system, over 6,700 hotel rooms within 3 METRO stations of the venue, and state of the art facilities make EXPO one of the most sought after exhibition and conference venues in northeast China.”