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MBB Consulting Partner Group launches commercial audit

Is the events industry being held back by underperformance? A question that, according to Matthias 'Tesi' Baur, one of the founding members of the recently formed MBB-Consulting Partner Group, has to be answered with "yes it is and now more than ever".

„Our mission is to help event businesses improve their commercial performance.“
Matthias 'Tesi' Baur, MBB-Consulting Partner Group
To help event companies to find out their own status, MBB-Consulting Partner Group is launching a 'Commercial Audit Service', a deep-dive analysis of an event business's current operations with the objective of identifying practical steps to significantly improve their client's commercial performance. The Group believe their initiative is particularly timely as companies seek to emerge stronger from the disruption caused by the pandemic.

Baur said "Our mission is to help event businesses improve their commercial performance by tapping into the extensive international experience of our team who've all been there, seen it and done it." Baur went onto say "It is this unique blend of incisive research capabilities combined with a deep understanding of the practicalities faced by events businesses, that sets us apart and enables us to deliver market leading results."

Based on a tried and tested methodology, the audit uses a modular approach to deliver a comprehensive analysis of each area of operations, e.g. sales and team culture, systems and process integration, financial and price planning etc., which combine to give an holistic assessment of the organisation's commercial performance. These results can then be referenced and compared to international benchmarks and industry best practice.