Positive annual results: BolognaFiere Group i...
Positive annual results

BolognaFiere Group intends to go public

Photo: Messe Bologna

The BolognaFiere Group closed its 2022 Annual Report posting revenues of just under €210 million, up €35 million on 2019 and well above the most optimistic forecasts.

The capital increase subscribed to by its shareholders, the €25 million convertible bond underwritten by Informa, and the contributions in kind of the Municipality of Bologna and the Chamber of Commerce, have allowed further extension of the Exhibition Centre. The Group's next goal is to float the BolognaFiere Group on the stock market.
„We have laid the basis for a solid 2023.“
Gianpiero Calzolari, president, BolognaFiere

Despite operating losses of €5.3 million due to the closure of the Exhibition Centre for the first three months of 2022 on account of the COVID 19 pandemic and the soaring costs of energy and raw materials attributable to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the annual results have been considered very satisfactory.

With revenues of €67 million, Henoto, the leading exhibit design and installations provider, more than doubled its sales, despite first quarter uncertainties about the post-pandemic fallout. The company continued its international development through its subsidiaries, with strategic acquisitions, first of Tecnolegno Allestimenti S.r.l., and subsequently, in 2023, of Fontemaggi.

Gianpiero Calzolari, president of BolognaFiere, is optimistic about the course of 2023, and mentioned especially activities in Asia: "With BolognaFiere China making dynamic progress, the recent establishment of the new company BolognaFiere India, and the synergy to be achieved on many fronts together with Gruppo Informa, we have laid the basis for a solid 2023."