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RAI Amsterdam

Coldwater Seafood to launch 2023

Photo: Niklas Jonasson on Unsplash

A new dedicated trade show and conference for the cold-water seafood sector will make its debut from October 10 to 12, 2023 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. The International Seafood Exhibition Coldwater Seafood 2023 is a joint project between RAI Amsterdam and the Norwegian company Aqkva.

"I am delighted with this partnership and the potential it offers", comments RAI Amsterdam COO Maurits van der Sluis. "Together we can combine the RAI's 100-plus-years of experience as an event organiser in the Netherlands and abroad with a seasoned organiser of conferences within the fish farming and fisheries sector."
„We are committed to creating the best possible platform.“
Vidar Onarheim, CEO, Aqkva
The seafood B2B exhibition will be focusing on higher quality cold-water seafood. It aims to attract exhibitors from the main fishing and aquaculture industries in Iceland, Faroes, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Visitors are targeted to come from the food industry in the world's largest markets, especially Europe, Asia and the United States.

"We are committed to creating the best possible platform for promoting, trading and exhibiting all kinds of seafood, with a particular focus on seafood grown slowly in the cold waters of the north", says Vidar Onarheim, CEO of Aqkva.