Railtex, Infrarail, SIFER and EXPO Ferroviari...
Railtex, Infrarail, SIFER and EXPO Ferroviaria united

EuroRail Hub launched as digital event

For the first time since the exhibitions were launched, Railtex, Infrarail, SIFER and EXPO Ferroviaria are joining forces to bring to life a new digital appointment, catering for the entire European rail industry: EuroRail Hub, scheduled to take place from March 24 to 25, 2021. Welcoming exhibitors from various national markets to facilitate new international partnerships and leverage synergies, the event will aim to support the recovery of the European rail market through interactive digital networking opportunities.
„The umbrella brand, EuroRail Hub, unites the three physical shows, with a digital offering.“
Olaf Freier, Mack-Brooks Exhibitions
Following extensive conversations with stakeholders, Mack-Brooks Exhibitions, organiser of the events, is launching a digital platform to leverage the synergies between the shows and enable exhibitors, partners and visitors to reconnect and increase business opportunities. "With the strategic decision to combine Mack-Brooks Exhibition's rail shows, we want to make a valuable contribution through our networks, to support and encourage cooperation and business in the European rail market,'' says Olaf Freier, director of the transport portfolio, on behalf of the organiser Mack-Brooks Exhibitions. "The umbrella brand, EuroRail Hub, unites the three physical shows, with a digital offering. Embedded within the different marketing strategies, we will also deliver business and leads to all participating companies, especially during these challenging times, with travel and contact restrictions."

A programme of seminars and presentations focussed on the exhibition's markets, United Kingdom, Italy and France, will run alongside the two-day event. Organised in collaboration with key industry partners, which include leading organisations active within the different countries but also across the rail sector, the sessions will offer valuable insights into trends in policy and technology. Speakers will also tackle modern challenges and share their views and expertise on the latest developments affecting the rail market. Other features will include a matchmaking function, enabling attendees to engage with other industry professionals and provide exhibitors with pre-selected leads.