Ready for turnaround: MCH Group is picking up...
Ready for turnaround

MCH Group is picking up speed again

Photo: MCH Group

The MCH Group had almost completed its restructuring process when the COVID pandemic resulted in a de-facto ban on events. Now it has a clear roadmap for ramping up and further developing its business operations. Lupa Systems is a key contributor to that. The entry of the new anchor shareholder – it holds 32.32 percent – not only provided a capital increase, but also renewed the management.

"The new board of directors embodies our strategy", Beat Zwahlen, CEO of the MCH Group said at a press conference on July 9. It is international, innovative, open and full of drive. That means: A number of initiatives will be implemented or are being developed in all business units.
„We have a focused growth strategy.“
Beat Zwahlen, CEO MCH Group
Marketing along the customer journey: "We have a focused growth strategy with promising initiatives and clear plans in all our business units", said Zwahlen. The Swiss company is depending on the network of the three business units – community platforms, experience marketing and infrastructures in Basle and Zurich in its traditional topics of art, watches/jewellery/gems or built environment. The aim is to create unique added value for the communities of these ecosystems with physical, hybrid and digital formats and platforms.

Zwahlen spoke about "innovative 24/7/365 experience marketing and transaction solutions". The aim is also to use brands, competencies and capabilities transversely within the group – for the company a "unique asset with major synergy and development potential". However, the focus will not only be on transformation or digital offerings, geographical expansion will be just as important to get back on track to success.