Rebuilding the team: Shawn Fisher joins PCC
Rebuilding the team

Shawn Fisher joins PCC

Photo: PCC

Shawn Fisher has been appointed director of information technology at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC). Fisher has over 20 years of experience in various industries, including petrochemical, mining, manufacturing, information technology and biotech under his belt. Throughout his career, he has led IT divisions and supervised programmes in cybersecurity, risk management, divestitures, merger and acquisition and project management, among others. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from North-West University in South Africa and completed the Executive Development Programme at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

„The return of in-person has allowed us to rebuild our team.“
Kelvin D. Moore, regional general manager, ASM Global
"We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Fisher to our ASM Global team at the Pennsylvania Convention Center", said Kelvin D. Moore, regional general manager, ASM Global. "The steady return of in-person events being hosted at the centre has allowed us to slowly rebuild our team to effectively and safely meet the needs of our event organisers and attendees.