Upgrading for MECC Maastricht: Renovation wor...
Upgrading for MECC Maastricht

Renovation works to start in June 2019


The upgrade and expansion of MECC Maastricht will begin in June 2019. The total investment involved is €49 million. The Province of Limburg and the municipality of Maastricht will each contribute an additional €6.8 million to finance the upgrade and expansion of MECC Maastricht. Alderman John Aarts of Maastricht is happy that the renovation works can begin. "We are grateful that the province is once again helping with the financing. This proves how important MECC Maastricht is for our city and for Limburg, particularly now that the municipality of Maastricht has regained control over the conference centre, we are seeing that the MECC is working hard on the future." The work for the upgrade and expansion of MECC Maastricht has been awarded to Mertens Bouwbedrijf BV in Weert.

Photo: MECC Maastricht / cepezed