Strategic values: Coveted sustainability cert...
Strategic values

Coveted sustainability certification

Photo: IEG Rimini Expo Centre

Italian Exhibition Group has certified the Rimini and Vicenza expo centres and the organisation of Ecomondo and, at the beginning of 2023, the procedure will also cover Rimini's Palacongressi conference centre. The prestigious acknowledgment was obtained thanks to the consultation of the Hera Group. IEG's choice to go for this coveted sustainability certification was based on its extremely high strategic value, given its aim of qualifying increasingly as a mature company committed to transitioning towards the circular economy.

„We have tangibly implemented the objectives for sustainable development of the 2030 Agenda“
Corrado Peraboni, CEO IEG
In fact, ISO 20121 certifies activities planned and carried out for their economic, social and environmental aspects: complying with it involves taking a long-term balanced approach to business activities, environmental responsibility and generating social progress, to meet present day needs and favour corporate development, and in this way qualifying it. IEG CEO Corrado Peraboni states, "With this important certification, which, with Ecomondo, we are the first to have obtained in Europe in the field of environment exhibitions, we have tangibly implemented the objectives for sustainable development of the 2030 Agenda, principles that are in line with the values of IEG and are the root of our corporate policy." Orazio Iacono, Hera Group CEO, is more specific, "The planning of sustainable events in all their economic-social aspects becomes even more strategic and tangible while at the same time providing a balanced long-term approach to environmental responsibility and social progress."