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Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)

Thailand boosts international exhibitions in 2021

Photo: TCEB
TCEB press conference
TCEB press conference

“TCEB’s international exhibition promotion for 2021 comprises five strategies and focuses on attracting and supporting trade shows in 12 key industries in line with the government's economic policy”, said Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

The five strategies are planned to support 58 international exhibitions in 2021, which comprise 44 existing shows and 14 new shows. These shows are involved in key industries as smart electronics, defence industry, digital industry, integrated medical service industry, and biofuel & biochemical industry. It is estimated that these international events will generate 23 billion baht in revenue to the national economy.

TCEB’s five strategies
1) Asia-centric approach to increase online and offline trade shows. Support packages are developed to attract exhibitors, organisers and visitors from Asian countries to maintain Thailand's position as a centre of international exhibitions in Asia.
2) Attracting new shows and clustering events, such as conventions and festivals whose content is aligned with the shows
3) Creating opportunities in potential region, for example, Thailand LOG-IN Events planned for Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).
4) Collaborating with government agencies to promote large-scale trade shows and conventions under "One Ministry, One Expo" concept.
5) Promoting innovation and technology to enhance visitors' experience through an online platform, create business opportunities, and lower physical touching points at the shows.

Thai organisers are ready to collaborate with TCEB in driving the exhibition industry. They have been employing online technology to create business momentum during the pandemic and maximise it more in 2021.

Kavin Kittiboonya, Managing Director, Kavin Intertrade, stated that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company adopted digital technology to serve as a window of opportunity for Thai exhibitors to meet overseas buyers. "In 2021, we will focus on hybrid exhibitions as we foresee that the COVID-19 is likely to continue while it will take time to manufacture an effective vaccine. Therefore, we plan to utilise the digital technology to benefit both international exhibitors interested in expanding in the Thai market but are restricted by the travel ban, and Thai exhibitors wishing to sell overseas."