The Italian Exhibition Group (IEG): New prese...
The Italian Exhibition Group (IEG)

New presence in Germany

Photo: Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

The Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), Rimini/Vicenza, has opened representative offices in Germany. The mission of the new company headed by Thomas Grenot is to establish relations with players in German business and to bring exhibition and visitor delegations to the IEG fairs in Italy.

After the Arab Emirates, North America and Brazil, establishing a German subsidiary is a logical as well as a strategic move to become active on one of the world's major exhibition markets. As part of its process of internationalisation – only a few weeks ago, the Italian group signed a letter of intent in Hanover to take over 50% of Deutsche Messe in Mexico, Canada and the USA – IEG has great plans for Germany.
„Establishing a German subsidiary is a strategic move.“
Italian Exhibition Group
This also means that new specialist personnel are needed to support Thomas Grenot with this undertaking. The company is headquartered in Munich.