CIM Global: The MICE That Roared
CIM Global

The MICE That Roared

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Tenacity, fortitude and an eye on service delivery have helped CIMGlobal rank as a leading global meeting organiser, and 2018 marks their 20th year in the business.Whether twenty years is a long time depends on perspective. For a building, or a tree, it is the blink of an eye. In business, though, it stands for success: a solid enterprise, moving with the times and growing to become an industry leader. CIMGlobal – the Indian meetings industry specialist – are the perfect example of this. In their first twenty years, they have gone from humble beginnings to one of India's most illustrious exports, and the now international team are keen to keep growing.
Though they were only small to begin with – the company started with just two employees – they experienced speedy growth and now employ over 100 people across Asia, Europe and Africa.

Despite the danger of starting a new company, CEO and founder Prasant Saha could see the benefits: "I knew that we could sell a substantially better service than the competition," he says.
But how has the MICE industry changed since the late '90s? A lot, according to Saha. "The very first job we did was organising the Indian Science Congress in the late 90s. Back then, events like that were very much focussed on speakers, standing at a lectern, delivering a speech," he says. "That still works, of course, but now we can do so much more. Technology has allowed us to bring a conference to life with curated digital content that totally zeroes in on what matters for each event and each customer. We can live stream the keynote, too, so your target market suddenly becomes global. We can create a buzz around an industry like never before. Some of this stuff was unthinkable twenty years ago!"
His vision for the future is simple: ‘Innovate; Deliver; Repeat’.