Tradeshow attendance mapped: GES launches Glo...
Tradeshow attendance mapped

GES launches Global Event Tracker

Photo: GES

GES has launched an interactive Global Event Tracker covering key trade show cities and event attendance for the past 90 days. The tracking tool displays event information in an at-a-glance format where tradeshows and events are happening and is updated twice a month. Using a stop light analogy of red, yellow, and green, it shows occurring tradeshows and includes easy-to-read colour-coded indicators based on attendee participation and mitigation requirements. "Working with clients, we understood the need for closely tracking key activities and indicators to determine if a city is able to host a face-to-face event," said Wendy Gibson, GES global chief marketing officer. "Being able to gain insight into what's occurring at the ground level around the world in tradeshows is key for getting our industry back on its feet. We know it will take time. Some geographies will be able to return sooner than others, but we believe gaining insight on events happening around the world, along with participation and mitigation requirements, will help our industry accelerate the safe return to events."