Trading update from Informa: On track for 202...
Trading update from Informa

On track for 2021 transition year

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Informa issued a trading update to coincide with its Annual General Meeting in London. Stephen A. Carter, group chief executive, Informa PLC, said: "Further strength in Informa's subscriptions-led businesses and measured confidence in the progressive return of physical events in Mainland China, North America and the Middle East, are delivering further stability and security." He added: "We remain on track to deliver our revenue commitments through the 2021 transition year, whilst continuing to generate positive cashflows. Improving growth in subscriptions, ongoing expansion in digital services and the enduring strength of our B2B brands and platforms, gives us increasing confidence in revitalisation and growth through 2022-2024."

Informa Markets is staging physical events as geographical markets open up, whilst continuing to expand the range of B2B digital services. "This includes our specialist content and marketing services activities, as well as an ongoing commitment to virtual and hybrid events which complement and extend our physical event brands", Carter stated.
„We continue to invest in the development of Iris, our platform for all our customer profiles.“
Stephen A. Carter, group chief executive, Informa PLC
In Mainland China, the return of physical events continues at pace. Especially domestically focused brands are returning close to pre-COVID levels of revenue and participation, the company observes. In other major markets in North America and the Middle East, Informa is gradually seeing more restrictions relaxed and permission to stage events granted, providing measured confidence for the company in the progressive return of major brands and the potential for recovery post-COVID.

"Separately, we continue to invest in the development of Iris, our centralised platform for collating, curating and managing all our customer profiles and behavioural data from our B2B events and digital services. Our objectives here are data-accurate customer insights and market knowledge, higher value buyer/seller connections and the development of a further range of B2B digital and data services", Carter adds.