UFI announces GED: Celebrating the safe retur...
UFI announces GED

Celebrating the safe return of exhibitions on 2 June 2021

Photo: UFI

Global Exhibitions Day (GED) recognises the important role that trade exhibitions play in driving economies throughout the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has had significantly detrimental, and potentially lasting, effects on the global economy, across nearly all business sectors and regions. Exhibitions have traditionally played a role in bolstering and growing economic sectors, but this year they will play a new role – rebuilding and recovering communities. Thus, the 2021 GED campaign will focus on just how instrumental exhibitions are in creating platforms for growth and recovery, while also instilling confidence in others to participate in organised events that prioritise safety and success in equal measure.

While the event is hosted by the global association of the exhibition industry, UFI, all members of the sector are encouraged to join the GED celebrations on 2 June by recognising the impact of exhibitions on local economies – both in building businesses and connecting people all around the world.
„GED is a perfect opportunity to raise the sector’s profile.“
Anbu Varathan, UFI President
Anbu Varathan, UFI President says: “Now in its sixth year, GED is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the exhibition industry and raise the sector’s profile as one of the most vital contributors to economic recovery. Let’s celebrate Global Exhibitions Day together on 2 June 2021!”