UFI HR Forum: Staffing stays key
UFI HR Forum

Staffing stays key

Photo: UFI

"Let's work to bring in the most diversely talented and educated people who make and keep our industry a true melting pot of different talents" - is one of the tasks of the exhibition industry. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been forced to let employees go. What's more, we are seeing talent leave our industry and this trend shows no signs of stopping. It is essential that the industry attract and retain talent if we are to continue successfully organising exhibitions and operating event venues. Therefore, the UFI HR Management Forum (June 13 to 14, MECC Maastrich) has been organised to delve deeper into the specific topic of HR management within the exhibition industry, the "must-attend” event for any professional wishing to gain insight into innovative talent retention and recruitment strategies, and to discover best-practice examples from across the exhibition industry and beyond. Across two days, participants will enjoy unrivalled access to an international platform for learning, exchanging and sharing. During workshops, presentations, keynote slots and networking opportunities, delegates can take a step back from their day-to-day routine and discover specific tools and approaches for innovative talent retention and recruitment. The UFI HR Management Forum will also showcase best-practice examples across the industry, through the 2023 UFI HR Award. Scheduled just prior to the UFI European Conference (June 14 to 16, MECC Maastricht, Maastricht/The Netherlands participants can make the most of their trip to Maastricht by joining both events in the same week.