Reopening of exhibitions: UFI publishes struc...
Reopening of exhibitions

UFI publishes structured framework

Photo: Unsplash

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, Ufi, published a global framework aimed at the safe and controlled reopening of exhibitions and B2B trade events around the world. The document is intended to become a de facto standard in exchanges with policy makers and authorities around the world. It argues that the reopening of trade exhibitions must be prioritized as they are critical to a national and global economic recovery.

The framework is put together by a specialist taskforce of partners and industry leaders, whose operational recommendations reflect emerging regulatory conditions around the world. They analyzed various campaigns and brought them together into a single framework which is intended as a working document, subject to ongoing input that will be used to provide concrete examples. It includes around 30 items that will ensure that exhibitions can run in a safe environment. All aspects of exhibition design and delivery are accommodated in the framework, ranging from the event environment to a wholesale reconsideration of the customer journey.

“Exhibitions are distinct from other large events. Crowd management, visitor flow and adherence tooperational protocols can be tightly managed. A strong framework provides a compelling case for the recommencement and continuation of this vital industry. By pledging to ensure the health and safety of all exhibition participants, tradeshows can resume their rightful place as a proven fast track totrade and market recovery.”, says Managing Director and CEO of Ufi, Kai Hattendorf.