Unauthorised data access at MCH Group: Hacker...
Unauthorised data access at MCH Group

Hacker attack with consequences

Photo: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The cyber attack of October 20, 2021 in which malicious software was used against the MCH Group, parent company of MCH Live Marketing Solutions with its brands Expomobilia and MCH Global, turned out not to be entirely harmless. 

The security systems detected the attack and the IT specialists (together with the Swiss National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the police and partners specialising in such cases) immediately took action to defend against the attack, but the perpetrators appear to have succeeded in accessing data storage containing personal data (such as contact data) of customers, partners and employees of the MCH Group. This is indicated by initial analyses, and clues are being evaluated in cooperation with cyber security experts. The MCH Group is recommending to its customers and partners that they immediately change any passwords or access data relating to the MCH Group and MCH Live Marketing Solutions as a precaution. It is also advising them to change these in accounts and services that are not connected to the MCH Group or MCH Live Marketing Solutions but that use the same password.

The MCH Group reports that it is working flat out to make all systems and services fully functional again. The most important internal and external communication channels are secure. Events can be held as planned.