Vaccination certificate welcomed: European Ex...
Vaccination certificate welcomed

European Exhibition Industry calls for safe return to travel

Photo: John Cameron on Unsplash

Fragmented travel regulations and restrictions within the EU and globally remain a major barrier for international exhibitions and professional events to resume business. Instead, increasing and speeding-up vaccinations combined with cost-effective rapid testing and intelligent tracing solutions will both foster the protection of health and enable travel within Europe and worldwide start economic recovery.
„Trade fairs, exhibitions and business events will play a vital role in the economic recovery.“
The European Exhibition Industry Alliance EEIA
EU-wide and globally compatible digital health certificates are a key tool in re-establishing confidence among travellers, freedom of movement and rebuilding connectivity. This tool should be made available to the entire travel and hospitality chain and specifically include trade fairs and business events for a safe and seamless experience. This solution should be made available as quickly as possible.

Ahead of the EU Tourism Ministers' meeting on March 1, 2021, the European Exhibition industry called for a coordinated approach to remove restrictions for mobility such as quarantines and travel bans and strongly endorses fast-track development of a digital health certificate. "As a global industry, we stress the need for global coordination of criteria for risk and measures to re-establish overseas travel with the same standards", the European Exhibition Industry Alliance EEIA stressed.

"Trade fairs, exhibitions and business events will play a vital role in the economic recovery. With lead times of a minimum of 4 to 6 months, our industry needs a clear roadmap for planning and preparing the international innovation and business platforms on time", the association said in their statement to policy makers.