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European Major Exhibitions Centres Association (EMECA)

Venues Invest into Exhibition Space, Logistics and Digital

Photo: Emeca

In its 25th Anniversary year, the European Major Exhibitions Centres Association (EMECA) is reporting a strong performance by its members, with growth in Europe, and due to their expansion efforts, outside Europe. As a result, investment levels by EMECA members are equally encouraging. Firstly, exhibition space in Europe is growing again. In addition to their continuing refurbishment and modernisation programmes, many EMECA venues are investing in new halls. Some of these will replace older halls, but many EMECA Members are adding additional indoor exhibition space to their premises. Growing trade shows trigger this long term investment into floor space. Secondly, state of the art technology continues to be installed, not only into the newly built halls, but right across all infrastructure and service application areas. This includes:
  • digital equipment, such as digital signage and wayfinding
  • electronic ticketing services
  • new entrance solutions.
Improving logistics is a high priority for all members, and key solutions here include digital access and delivery controls, steering of traffic and parking. The ever-increasing pressures to shorten set-up and dismantling times mean that more traffic has to be handled more quickly; transport logistics are critical to delivering smooth flows of trucks, material, and people.

“In our Working Groups on Digital Business and Technical Affairs, we deal with the most urgent and most challenging issues, exchange best practice and work on delivering highest quality to our customers – exhibition organisers, exhibitors and visitors alike”, says Claude Membrez, EMECA President (and CEO of Palexpo Geneva, Switzerland).