First events already scheduled: Viparis to re...
First events already scheduled

Viparis to reopen September 1st

Photo: Unsplash

On 1 September 2020, Viparis will reopen its doors to trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and other major events. The French Meeting Industry Council UNIMEV, together with other events industry professional organisations, have been asking the public authorities whether events may be hosted beginning in September. On June 20, in view of the satisfactory status of the pandemic in France, the Defence and National Security Council (NSDC) lifted lockdown measures for a range of situations, including gatherings, so that larger events may be held again, beginning September 1st. Viparis will resume its business activity in the fall at all its Paris Ile-de-France venues. More than 40 events are scheduled for September.

"Viparis is now positioned to host events under the best and safest possible conditions, and we welcome this announcement by the French public authorities. We would like to extend our thanks to all our event organisers for their continued trust in Viparis. Business meetings are one of the linchpins of our economic recovery, and Paris will maintain its appeal as a business destination and its leading international position.”, says Pablo Nakhlé Cerruti, CEO, Viparis.