Virtual app experience: GCCEC as extended rea...
Virtual app experience

GCCEC as extended reality experience

Photo: GCCEC

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) has launched an app that allows users to visit the venue from anywhere in the world. The app invites potential clients to walk around and inside a virtual model of Australia's largest regional convention centre from any location on the globe.

Using extended reality (XR) technology, the app built by Handbuilt Creative superimposes the world-class business event centre onto a real-world surface through the user's mobile screen.
„We've developed new ways to allow clients to view the venue from their own home or office“
Michelle Mann, director of Sales and Marketing GCCEC
Michelle Mann, GCCEC's director of Sales and Marketing, says the XR experience is the latest in a series of virtual tools that showcase the Broadbeach venue to the world at a time when border closures and travel restrictions have limited the ability of decision makers to tour the site in-person. "Site tours are one of our key selling tools, and with many clients unable to travel due to current regulations, we've developed new ways to allow them to view the venue from their own home or office", she says.