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REDCON Asia to launch in December

Photo: VNU

VNU Asia Pacific has announced the launch of REDCON Asia, the Resilience in Emergency and Disaster Conference. The event is sponsored by MBK Public Company Limited. The multi-stakeholder conference and exhibition aims to engage business sector leaders, governments, media, international agencies and academia, among others, in the value chain of disaster and emergency management.

The inaugural edition of REDCON Asia is scheduled to take place from December 7 to 9, 2022 at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok. "We are excited to launch this much-needed platform in the region. Our mission is to gather the leading thought leaders, policymakers and cutting-edge companies in disaster risk reduction and emergency response here in Bangkok. We are convinced, that this event will spur cooperation from various sectors of society for a more cohesive and decisive action when disasters strike", says Mrs. Monika Baro, project manager of REDCON Asia.
„This event will spur cooperation from various sectors.“
Monika Baro, Project Manager, REDCON Asia
Mr. Igor Palka, managing director of VNU Asia Pacific, said that "VNU is grateful for the continued support of our partners and speakers for REDCON Asia in December 2022. Organising it this year could not be more than timely and relevant as we, together, find the solutions to address the nexus of disease-disaster-climate change phenomena".