VSef : Data standards group acquired by BPA W...

Data standards group acquired by BPA Worldwide

Photo: charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

VSef, the global data format for the digital events industry, has been acquired by BPA Worldwide, a global assurance provider of media, technology, events and sustainability standards compliance.

VSef was launched in early 2021 by Mark Brewster, Founder and CEO of Explori. Its goal of creating a global standardised data format for digital events received backing from many organisers, platforms and industry bodies. The lack of data standardisation was an issue simultaneously identified by BPA, which launched the Reporting Standards for Digital Events (RSDE) initiative. Over the next nine months, BPA and VSef began a collaboration with the goal of creating a single industry standard for digital events.
„We will work to increase awareness, adoption and advancement of digital events.“
Richard Murphy, president and CEO, BPA Worldwide
Richard Murphy, president and CEO of BPA Worldwide, commented, "We want to recognise the excellent work of Explori and the VSef team to mobilise industry support and develop this data format. We are excited to take the lead and continue the journey. We will work with the industry associations and industry leaders to increase awareness, adoption and advancement of digital events and digital events data solutions."

Mark Brewster, founder and CEO of Explori and VSef, added, "It has been a pleasure to work on such a progressive initiative for the industry. Data is key to the evolution of the events industry and to ensure the betterment of our sector. Under Explori's leadership, the VSef initiative was launched and now we believe that BPA is the perfect party to continue with this work into the future, drive awareness and increase adoption of common data standards."

BPA stated that next steps will be announced in the coming months, including a licensing opportunity for audit bodies to offer certification to the standard.