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ICC Sydney Saves 270 Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Drinking Sydney Water

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International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) has today revealed the impact of a compelling Corporate Social Responsibility partnership with Sydney Water, which is significantly reducing the venue’s ecological footprint by decreasing bottled water consumption onsite.
During ICC Sydney’s first ten months of operation, the partnership has saved over 520,000 plastic bottles from use. The initiative sees Sydney Water and ICC Sydney co-branded, reusable glass bottles used in all meeting rooms to support both a healthy and great tasting experience for delegates, without the heavy impact on the environment.
“ICC Sydney is pursuing a number of progressive partnerships to create impactful sustainable models, and by serving tap water, we’re reducing our overall direct environmental impact. Indeed, by reducing consumption, ICC Sydney has indirectly reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 270 tonnes, the equivalent of keeping 58 cars off the road for a year, “said Geoff Donaghy, CEO at ICC Sydney. www.iccsydney.com