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The Hague Convention Bureau shortlisted for European Excellence Awards


The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB), has been shortlisted for a European Excellence Award 2017 in the category Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg. The nomination is the tribute to the new THCB brand identity that is in line with a 3-year business strategy to make The Hague one of the top 50 international event destinations. The brand underlines the uniqueness of the city, playing on the fact that The Hague has "The" in its name. The launch and implementation of the new brand were a great achievement, resulting in high brand recognition rates, and enthusiastic feedback from stakeholders, and clients.  The positive reaction from marketing institutions in the city resulted in the rollout of the branding for the recently launched organisation The Hague & Partners as well as The Hague Marketing Bureau and The Hague Business Agency.  The nomination for the award is another confirmation of the brand’s success as pointed out by the director of THCB Nienke van der Malen – van der Horst. “The European Excellence Awards are recognised as one of the most prestigious in its industry. We are thrilled to be shortlisted for one of the regional awards alongside well-known brands such as Unilever and” The Excellence Awards have been highlighting the accomplishments of communication professionals in Europe for the past eleven years. This year’s awards show will be taking place in Hamburg on 30 November. The Hague Convention Bureau promotes the city and its ample opportunities for those seeking to organise outstanding business events. Therefore, THCB offers all-round assistance to event organisers hosting their conferences in The Hague. The services of THCB vary from bid development to event marketing and support, to financial support. This comprehensive approach allows THCB to provide reliable support before, during, and after the event. As The Hague strives to make it to the top 50 international event destination list, THCB lays an emphasis on the uniqueness of the city. The Hague is home to the Dutch Royal Family, the Parliament, Nobel-prize winning organisations, numerous international companies and is the second largest UN city. Additionally, it offers a well-established event and knowledge infrastructures along with a vibrant cultural scene. As a result, The Hague appears on the radar of event organisers with growing frequency, proving that there is more to this charming city than meets the eye. Find more information about The Hague Convention Bureau here: